Three parameters are working hand in hand

Consulting, training and personality go hand in hand – as well on the customer as on the consultant side. Experienced consultants work basically at eye level. A solid basis for a successful cooperation is built by fundamental Know How as well as by the clear understanding of the customer’s needs. To have already mastered similar tasks and possibly even witnessed these tasks in the frame of a line activity means a tangible benefit for the customer.

Knowing good examples and transferring them in other companies shows always how it could work. As a matter of fact many people know how it does not work. We try to set the focus of our customers on the way it could work. Therefore, we work with so-called benching to solve practical problems on site together with our customers.

„We always work at eye level with our customers“

Hartmut Drews and Holger Fries, Managing partners of lean at work

lean tools in production

Pic_Maschine-01Time and cost pressure and permanently changing quality requirements of your customers force you every day to creative excellence. Recurring problems are regularly tackled with new short-term solutions. The well known rat race…

By introducing the structured use of various Lean tools we help you find the root cause of your problems and to solve them sustainably.

The focus is set on increasing the quality of your products and services, the reduction of cycle times, to increase your delivery performance, and finally on the optimization of performance and efficiency, including of machinery and equipment. It depends on the right mix and coordination of the lean tools used. Together with you we create an overall concept and actively support you in the implementation.

lean tools in administration

Pic_Tisch-01To meet customer requirements, many companies only solve problems in the production process steps, so at a very late stage of the order processing process. This is not only very expensive but in most cases also only reactive. Therefore, successful companies include in the optimization approach all departments involved in the order fulfillment process. Lean management is a holistic approach. Many problems can be identified and solved in a very early process phase.

In our Product Module “lean Administration” we combine various optimization tools. The target is to ensure the optimal integration of administration and production. The focus is lead on the entire process – from quotation to the delivery of your products or of the provision of your service.