Being honest to oneself and also towards the customer in relation to respective competencies, is an important cornerstone for continuous change and improvement processes. We represent our philosophy authentically in our own company.


lean at work was founded with a high demands on the quality of the implementation consultants and work on the ground. To represent the philosophy behind the lean- methods, we even do not shy away from conflict.


The balancing factor to our first two core values is reflected in our company’s EQ. Because, thanks to our versatile, experienced Managing Director, consultants, trainers and managers, we can operate on an equal footing on all the different hierarchical levels, be responsive to a customer and understand the customer. his means they are honest and passionate, moving yet always controlled, and approach the task before them using common sense.


„We put employees in the foreground,
to generate sustainable success.“

Hartmut Drews and Holger Fries, Managing partners of lean at work


Measurable success through work oriented on key performance indicators.

The continual improvement of their value-added chain is set by the introduction of our lean methods in transition. Our modular product range always allows an individual approach for each customer.

Through our systematic approach we promote the willingness to change in their company.

Our overall conceptual works on all hierarchical levels, creates acceptance for change processes. The involvement of employees is the key to success.

We only offer experts for the experts.

The senior partners of lean at work together have over 40 years of consulting and line management experience. Each of our trainers, managers and consultants has at least 7 years of consulting and line management experience. So we ensure that we always find ourselves eye to eye with our customers and indeed in the administration as well as on the shop floor.

Our programs are implemented in a sustainable way.

In the time in which lean at work accompanies their company, employees and managers are able to pursue the continuous improvement process independently with the help of our lean methods.


„Hebst du den Blick siehst du keine Grenzen.“

Japanisches Sprichwort


The quality of our work is for us an absolute value.

We see it as our duty in the future to maintain this standard and to increase it. We want to grow with our customers and diversify our fields of activity.


honest, passionate and prudent

lean at work was created from the drive out of this to raise the quality of the experts and to bring the work on site into the foreground. We are committed to these demands and we do not even shy away from conflict. We will not bend and we will always remain faithful to our guiding principle of sustainable quality improvement.

In this, our common sense is a good companion to us. Through our network of trainers, managers and consultants, we only have seasoned individuals in the team, who know and understand the ordeals of our customers, and can enter into this.

We are convinced of the philosophy that we convey to our customers. The lean organisation lies not only in our name, but also in our program. Only with this attitude and considerable persistence can we initiate change processes effectively.


Hartmut Drews

M.A. – Member of the Executive Board


Holger Fries

Dipl.Wirt.Ing. – Member of the Executive Board